Investing in Talent and Creating Leaders.

By investing in the power of ideas, people, words, and images, we engage individuals, communities, and institutions to solve the world’s most challenging social, cultural, and ethical problems.

Faculty Stories

Our faculty members are some of the most engaged, talented, and forward thinking scholars in the country.

Kristie Dotson

Kristie Dotson

Philosophy Associate Professor Kristie Dotson at MSU explains her role in the fields of epistemology and black feminism. Dr. Dotson seeks to understand how ignorance and oppression affect the young black women of our society.

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Bill VanPatten

Bill VanPatten

Dr. Bill VanPatten, Professor of Spanish and Second Language Studies in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies, shares the story of his research and the importance of second language learning.

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Alan Beretta

Alan Beretta

Alan Beretta, Professor of Linguistics and Director of the EEG Lab in the Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages, and his team utilize noninvasive technology to record the electro-activity of the brain while subjects are engaged in a language task.

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Eli Review

Jeff Grabill & Bill Hart‑Davidson

Developed by College of Arts and Letters faculty and lead by WRAC Department Chair Jeff Grabill and Associate Dean of Graduate Education Bill Hart-Davidson, Eli Review software is a powerful and effective tool for developing student writing abilities through peer learning and peer assessment.

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Student Stories

We enhance students’ educational experiences by providing opportunities in study abroad, study away, internships, and more.

Richa Choubey Student Stories, image launches video

Richa Choubey

Richa Choubey, a Professional Writing graduate, shares the story of her internships and study away experience in LA with the Creativity Exploratory.

Joe Breck - Student Story, image launches video

Joe Breck

Studio Art major Joseph Breck shows us how he has developed his unique artistic identity through his experiences at the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum.

Valuing Diversity

Our inclusive culture unleashes the creative power of varied viewpoints and backgrounds.

Amy DeRogotis

Amy DeRogatis

MSU associate professor of Religious Studies Amy DeRogatis and Isaac Weiner, assistant professor of comparative studies at The Ohio State University, were awarded a grant to create a digital sound map of religion in Midwestern cities.

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Michael Robinson, image launches video

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson, a Chinese and Global Studies in the Arts & Humanities major, discusses taking advantage of an immersive Mandarin language program by studying abroad in China.

Global South - Camera Image

Digital Media, New Cinemas, and the Global South

The “Digital Media, New Cinemas, and the Global South” symposium explored the creative and tactical integration of digital media and new technologies in the Global South.

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Stephen Foster, studio art senior.

Student Diversity Awards

Groups and individuals who have exemplified diversity and inclusion in extraordinary ways were honored at the 2015 All-University Excellence in Diversity Awards.

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Leading Undergraduate Education

We advance teaching and learning to foster student success.

Online Experiences

Take the Online Journey through Our College
Our world-class faculty and cutting-edge technology allow students to expand accomplishments and enrich their own experiences.

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Recruiting Video, image launches video

Our Culture Inspires Students to Succeed
Hear from students how opportunities at CAL have helped them gain invaluable knowledge to be successful.

The Freshman Experience:

The College of Arts and Letters has recently developed a program designed to help students transition from high school to the university called ‘The Freshman Experience.’ This includes:

A freshman seminar for all entering students. Students have the option of doing a Freshman Seminar Abroad or AL 101, or both.

Freshman Study Abroad
Between the summer of finishing high school and the start of MSU, students have the opportunity to go abroad to regions such as Brazil, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, or Italy for 10-14 days.

The goal is to have students:

  • Describe how culture(s), profession, and personal experiences frame one’s thinking;
  • Improve college-readiness skills such as reading, writing, and critical thinking; and
  • Engage with global peoples, places, and cultures.

AL 101
This program is a 1-credit, 10-week freshman seminar taught by faculty and advisors that teaches students those important skills and attributes needed to succeed in college. Students focus on purpose, goals, and the development as a scholar and future professional. Data has shown students who complete AL101 have higher GPAs and decreased time to degree.

Peer Mentoring
This is a new opportunity that will pair incoming students with upper level CAL students to help guide them through their transition to the College and MSU. Students and mentors will foster positive relationships that build important connections to the College and University. Our mentors go through extensive training to provide the best experience possible for the new students.


Launching New Academic Programs

We continue to develop new programs to provide students with a variety of professional and intellectual opportunities.

A new major and a new minor in Graphic Design that have grown out of the Studio Art program offer a more specialized preparation for art students. Two new interdisciplinary programs, a major in Experience Architecture and a Masters of Arts in Arts & Cultural Management, were created due to the high demand for these graduates in the marketplace. The Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages has created a new minor in Korean in response to growing student interest in the language and culture of Korea, and a new minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages that provides all undergraduates access to this subject that has been available for education students and at the Master’s level for more than a decade. The Department of Theatre now offers a minor in Musical Theatre that combines dance and acting courses. The College has also added the Film Studies major as part of the Department of English.

Following new University guidelines, CAL has also transformed older ‘specializations’ – smaller interdisciplinary curricula – into new minors. These minors in African American and African Studies; American Indian Studies; Cognitive Science; Digital Humanities; Fiction Filmmaking; Jewish Studies; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Sexuality Studies; Museum Studies; and Russian and Eurasian Studies join more than twenty other minors offered across the College.

New Academis Programs - Film Studies

Joshua Yumibe, Director of the Film Studies Program

Excelling in Graduate Education

Our Graduate Education prepares transformative scholars in the Arts & Humanities.

We aim to lead the world in providing inclusive, global, digital, and interdisciplinary graduate education in the Arts & Humanities. CAL graduate education…

  1. CAL PhD Programs have a Median Time to Degree of less than 6 years (5.8)AAAS 6.3*
    English 6*
    French 4
    German 5.7
    Linguistics 7.0
    Philosophy 6.7*
    Spanish 7.0
    SLS 5.3
    WRAC 4.8*Improved over last reporting year
  2. CAL receives more University Fellowships for nationally competitive students than any other college. We produce 5% of total MSU PhDs, but we have received 15% of UF awards in each of the last two years.
  3. Based on requests for CAL graduate travel funding, our students are fast to engage in the professional discourse in their disciplines. On average, within 2 years of arriving on campus, CAL graduate students travel to present research at national or international conferences.
  4. CAL graduate programs ensure a high-quality, research-intensive experience for every student. Our average yearly cohort size is less than 5 in all of our terminal degree programs. Over the last three years, we have had approximately 160 students in our terminal degree programs receiving full support at any given time.


Minh-Tam Nguyen, third-year Ph.D.

The Faciloscope’s Goal: Everything in Moderation

Minh-Tam Nguyen, a third-year Ph.D. who is studying digital rhetoric, worked with MSU researchers this past year to develop a new software app named Faciloscope, an app that helps moderate online discussions and patterns.

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